If you’re an experienced dieter, going forward, you will need to change your attitude in two ways: First, you’ll need to stop imagining lasting weight loss as being on a permanent diet (i.e., everlasting deprivation).

Real weight loss happens when you happily embrace a healthy, satisfying lifestyle. Secondly, you’ll need to stop expecting rapid results. While changing your lifestyle and habits is the more effective long-term solution, quality results simply take more time to achieve. Remember: Change may be slow, but it will happen, and when it happens it will last.

Finally, remember that a bit of outside perspective (such as coaching) is incredibly helpful in this endeavor. It’s extremely easy to slip back into old bad habits automatically; after all, our brains have been wired to return to them. A diet and lifestyle coach will notice when you’re getting off track and correct you, in addition to making suggestions for further helpful changes.


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