To inspire women everywhere to get active and be #Phenomenal in luxury fabrics that make you feel confident and glamorous.

Fusing fitness and glamour with innovative performance fabrics that mould to your body, giving you maximum support without restriction.

Believe It. Achieve It. Wear It.


Dare to be bold in new colours from Phenomenal Gym Wear.


Dare to be bold in new colours from Phenomenal Gym Wear.





Perfect for those days in isolation, that make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your own skin


We’re always looking for strong women from across the world to represent us and our mission.

Phenomenal Women’s Activewear

Designed for women, Phenomenal aims to inspire women across the world to be active and truly phenomenal. Our luxury fabrics are designed with style and comfort in mind. With our women’s fitness collection, we want all our customers to feel confident, empowered, and glamorous while working towards becoming healthier. With our innovative gym wear and performance-focused products, we combine fitness with fashion to provide the perfect activewear.

The Best Activewear for Women

Our fabric is made by mixing unique blends that perfectly adapt to your body, giving you maximum support and comfort without restrictions. Our cutting-edge designs ensure that you look your best even when exercising. Phenomenal women’s activewear is your perfect companion to the gym, as it seamlessly blends functionality and style.

Believe It. Achieve It. Wear It.

Our aim at Phenomenal is to help women look their best while they find their passion. We dedicate our time and resources to developing special blend fabrics and fashionable clothing options to support your fitness journey. With our 

Women’s Activewear We Offer

By the end of a satisfying workout, you should be drenched in sweat, feeling tired and sore, but also elated. Your workout clothes can make a major difference in your performance and in how you feel after exercising. Gym wear can either support your body or constrict your movements. It can either make you feel comfortable or out of place. Moreover, it can help you embrace fitness or have the opposite effect on you. From the fabric to the construction of the clothes- it takes attention and care to create a product that can be your perfect fitness companion.

We, at Phenomenal, put in the work required to design products that suit all our customers and help them look glamorous while they achieve their fitness goals.

Come Shop from our Collection of Women’s Workout Wear

Check out our wide collection of women’s activewear- from sports bras and tops, leggings, and booty shorts. Find what you are looking for from Australia’s top women’s activewear brand.

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